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Ad review for Afaqs: HP Umeed ka Diya

Does the ‘Go Local’ tag strike a chord?

And does such heart-warming storytelling remind us that the five-second story isn’t the only route to the share button? Over to the experts –

In a fast-paced, fast-changing world where traditional customs and values have given way to glitz and plastic, Rajesh Lalwani, CEO, Scenario Consulting decodes how and why HP’s ‘Umeed ka Diya’ resonates on many counts. He says, ” For one, it’s the coming together of old world artisanal craft and technology, where on one hand the brand seamlessly plays enabler and on the other, the young protagonist uses the advantage of ‘virality’ of the digital medium to propagate the message. So, the film succeeds in evoking nostalgia and leverages that to stoke the inherent goodness in people, to do good this festive season.”

Lalwani affirms that in its rich insight that ‘Back to Basics’ is a silent movement in the making, ‘Go local’ is the new global.

With regard to perhaps, over-speculating the resemblance to the Surf Excel ad, he adds, “All I can say is that it’s a great thing that more than one brand is embracing the task of propagating our values to the next generation. The more the merrier.”


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