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Ad Review for Afaqs: Liberty Shoes’ Hijabi Biker

Meet Liberty Shoes’ Hijabi Biker

In a new digital spot, the brand takes up a sensitive subject. Will it help sell more shoes?


Rajesh Lalwani, CEO, Scenario Consulting, maintains that the ad is perfectly timed and the choice of protagonist is also perfect, in terms of a real hero.

“The feminist movement is reaching a crescendo globally and India is no different. Women are coming together and making sure their voices are heard as they demand an equal world, rid of disparities in social order that have curbed their freedom for centuries. They will no longer be stopped by glares or jibes for they are too busy breaking stereotypes and taking leaps as they move forward,” Lalwani says.

“Brands either create waves or ride them. Cultural brands like Nike come in the former category, but the disquiet among women and their desire to stand tall, even among the most repressed parts of society, is evident to everyone. The campaign is an attempt to catalyse masses to join the movement showcasing relevant leaders like Roshni Misbah, who are breaking many stereotypes overcoming the monster of social diktat,” Lalwani adds.

Speaking about the risk the brand has taken for the campaign, Lalwani says, “There is no question of harm for there is a clear buy-in among the audience for the message. The hijab plays a pivotal role in the story and gives credence to the message that breaking stereotypes and being respectful to our cultural values aren’t mutually exclusive.”

With regard to the similarity to the Nike campaign, Lalwani states, “The difference between the Nike approach by launching Pro Hijab and Liberty’s campaign is of markets and their ability to respond to products, both in terms of acceptability and price. Liberty caters to a mass market and has chosen the storytelling route to reach its audience. There are similarities in approach by both brands and Liberty does seem inspired by Nike. However, Liberty caters to a different market, at a price point that the audience can afford and will likely benefit from this campaign.


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